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About Positivity For Patients:
The Art of Yes You Can

Positivity For Patients is a service initiative striving to brighten the spirits of hospital patients through donations of art and writing depicting positive and motivational messages. By having these works displayed in hospital corridors, we hope to encourage patients to stay positive and determined, especially in this time of pandemic restrictions on visitors. Our first donation will be to Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, Connecticut. Works by professional and amateur creatives, whether children or adults, are welcome. We especially invite members of disabled or marginalized populations to contribute. Monetary donations towards printing costs are also tremendously appreciated.

Presenting the Inaugural Positivity For Patients Display: Gaylord Hospital
in Wallingford, Connecticut 

May 2023

Read the Hartford Courant coverage here.



We want positive, feel-good messages as works of writing and visual art. We want your poetry, your flash nonfiction or fiction prose, artful page arrangements of your favorite positive quote by that famous (or non-famous) person you admire, your kids’ finger paintings, macaroni art—if it’s sure to bring a smile or laugh, send it our way. Positive vibes only: we solely accept depictions of motivational and positive messages—please keep it upbeat, uplifting, and appropriate for viewers of all ages. We’d love to see your work if you are a professional artist or writer, or soon to be, and we’d also love to see your work if you’re new to the arts, if you don’t dare to call yourself any type of artist but want to create for our cause, by all means, show us your epic creative vision. Keeping inclusivity at the heart of this initiative, we especially welcome work from disabled and marginalized individuals. If your abilities cause your art to take the form of brightly colored squiggly lines, we would be honored to take those and will be extremely proud to hang them for display. The art created by YOU is the most magnificent kind–your art embodies our mission. In those squiggly lines, we can see how hard you must have had to work to place them there. Their color schemes reflect the vibrant visions of hope and positivity you have for life. Whether through words or illustrations, please help us to transform the hospital halls into murals of positivity and motivation.


Please photograph your work (or screenshot your writing or digital art) and upload it to our Dropbox. Your work will be printed on canvas and shipped to the hospital.


Writing Guidelines:

One page of poetry or prose is preferred, but if we have enough funding, we will do our best to print longer pieces on two or three canvases as panel art. We welcome creativity in font colors and designs. Please feel free to include your name–and age or school grade if a child–somewhere on your piece.


Tip: utilizing your word processor’s column feature allows for more text to fit on a page for both poetry and prose. 


Art Guidelines:

We are aiming to print art on canvases that are at least 12”X12”. As long as we have enough funding, we will do our best to give the option of creating two- or three-piece panel art–please leave negative space in the photo of your art in which you clearly label which part of your submitted picture is the first, second, and third panel. Since artists are only submitting photos of their work, any medium is acceptable. Please feel free to include your name–and age or school grade if a child–somewhere on your piece.

Submit your work here by October 20, 2022.

Not feeling artistic but interested in supporting the cause? Please consider donating towards printing costs. As a new service initiative, we rely solely on donations to fund all the printing. We would like to be able to print on canvases that are at least 12”X12”. With the benefit of free shipping, Amazon looks to be the most cost-efficient option. 12”X12” canvas prints, at lowest price, are $14.99 each. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated! Please help us to bring as much positivity to patients as possible!

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